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Nationwide Document Delivery Service, NDDS

NDDS is an online system which provides interlibrary loan and photocopy services to all participating libraries in Taiwan. 

  • Eligible User: FJCU faculty, staff, and students.
  • Nationwide Document Delivery Service, NDDS:https://ndds.stpi.narl.org.tw/?lang=en
  • How to apply: 
    • First-time user should apply for a user account and get approval from the affiliated library before using the system for document delivery services. When users changed to another institution, they must apply for a new account by contacting the former institution's library staff to delete their old account first.
    • Through Union List of Serials and other catalogs, users are able to search databases for journals, conference proceedings, dissertations, and book holdings in over 400 participating libraries and request photocopies of articles and book loans. Requests submitted by users are approved and sent by the user’s affiliated library staff to the chosen lending library.
    • The library will notify you via email when your request arrives in the library, and it will be kept at the Fahy Library Reference Desk for you to pick up.
  • Charges: NDDS is a fee-based resource-sharing service. The patron should pay full payment for the documents obtained. Since price varies with fee schedules of respective libraries, it is better to check lending policies and fee schedules before submitting a request. Users are advised to contact affiliated library staff when encountering any questions. 
  • Turnaround Time: The actual time varies depending on each library's working schedule.
  • For questions and suggestions, please contact:
    Digital Media & Extension Services Division
    Tel: 02-2905-2675
    E-mail: 146205@mail.fju.edu.tw
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