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Course Reserve Services

All instructors of FJCU can put books on reserve for their class. After a set of procedures, the Library will place the materials as Course Reserves on the specific area for reference.
Reserves on display will last for a semester by default except under exceptional requests. After the semester ends, course reserve materials will be re-shelved to the appropriate locations.


  1. Course Reserve Service will be open for request on May and November each year.
  2. Please check the Library's online catalogue to make sure that the Library has your desired materials. Fill out the"FJU Library Course Reserve Service Request Form" with the details of your desired materials (journals or reference books cannot be assigned; they are already for internal use only).
  3. If the library does not have your desired materials, we will purchase them for you as soon as possible.
  4. Materials available within Taiwan will take approximately 3-4 weeks for processing, while overseas materials may take 2-4 months to for processing.
  5. Please specify the reserve period for one semester or full academic year. For not specified materials will be reserved one semester only.


  1. Services for FJU faculty only.
  2. Request form: FJU Library Course Reserve Service Request Form.
  • For questions and suggestions, please contact:
    Reader Services & Collection Management Division 
    Tel: 02-2905-2313
    E-mail: 134767@mail.fju.edu.tw
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